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Is It Appropriate To Have A Zen Garden At A Business Place?

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Is It Appropriate To Have A Zen Garden At A Business Place? This article explores the benefits and considerations of having a Zen garden at a business place, allowing you to ponder whether this harmonious addition is the right fit for your workplace.

The 5 Elements Of A Zen Garden

D Divinified desk Zen garden design

The 5 elements of a Zen garden are water, earth, air, wood, and fire. You can implement them in your Zen garden design in order to represent natural elements and align with one another. By including elements of nature, a…

How To Create A Perfect Desktop Zen Garden

D divinified desk Zen garden

Creating a perfect desktop Zen garden for zen meditation is easy when you have all the components and elements at your disposal. In fact, there is no wrong or right way to create your own small tabletop Zen garden at…

How a Small Zen Garden for Desk Stimulates Our 5 Senses

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A small Zen garden or desk Japanese meditation garden can be used to engage all 5 senses for effective zen meditation in order to destress, relax and calm your mind. These benefits of Zen meditation are very profound. They are…

Essential Accessories In A Mini Zen Garden

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The elements of a mini Zen garden are the miniature commercially manufactured items that represent key areas of traditional Japanese gardens. These elements are vital to the understanding of Japanese culture and in designing Zen gardens. Indeed, they are the…

Zen garden ideas: Tips for creating a Japanese garden design

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Love Japanese gardens (Zen gardens) and was wondering how to start creating one? We got you covered with some cool and easy-to-follow Japanese garden ideas. This article explores the five tips every zen garden enthusiast needs to implement to create…

Principles of Zen Garden Design Applied Desktop Zen Gardens

Principles of zen gardens

Zen gardens were spaces where Buddhist monks used to practice reflective meditation and ponder the teachings of the buddha to achieve tranquility and enlightenment. So it is important to understand the principles of Zen garden design that guide any Japanese…

Essential Benefits Of Desk Zen Gardens

D Divinified desktop Zen garden design

The benefits are using desk Zen gardens in our meditation routines are very profound and essential to do away with stress and find tranquility. As you must be familiar with, stress is part of life and so everything we do…