Desktop Zen Garden

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This desktop Zen garden kit is  an excellent tool to aid with zen meditation to help users ease anxiety, relieve stress, stimulate creativity, and also a beautiful home decor when used properly.


The Divinified Zen garden kit is designed to mimic the traditional outdoor Japanese Zen garden used for Zen meditation and to practice mindfulness.

Product benefits:

  • The Most Premium Components. This mini Zen garden kit contains beautiful hand-crafted Japanese sand garden tools and 24-piece traditional Zen garden décor accessories to start creating as soon as you open the box
  • A High-End Japanese gift. Treat yourself or loved ones to this awesome, deluxe zen garden gift set. Our mini Zen garden kit will make for epic mindfulness gifts for loved ones who get stressed out easily. They will enjoy the calming effect of using this Zen meditation sand garden. Beautiful styled Zen gift box and carefully wrapped accessories enhance the gifting experience
  • Design Your Own Masterpiece. Inspire your creativity and trigger imagination by making your own designs. Create straight, spiral, wavy, ripple effects, and other random patterns on the sand. Arrange the zen elements in the tray however you want to make gorgeous-looking and calming Zen garden masterpieces
  • Add a Touch of Japanese Décor. Our sandbox Zen garden is intended to bring the beauty of the traditional Japanese zen garden right into your homes and office spaces. Use any zen garden rake to create gorgeous patterns and creatively arrange the elements in the tray to produce delightful eye-catching or visually appealing displays
  • Unearth the Mystery of Japanese Culture. Learn the amazing history of Japanese culture and master the 7 Zen principles of Japanese garden design with the thorough design guide included in this home and office garden kit. Understand what all the accessories symbolize or represent. Create your own cute Zen garden with these principles in mind
  • 100% Safe and Money Back Guarantee. All items in this kit are 100% safe, CAPSIA-compliant white sand. We will give you a full refund if you are unsatisfied with the product.

The kit contains the following accessories:

  • Black wooden tray 30 x 20 cm
  • Soft white sand
  • 7 sand rakes
  • A sand stamp
  • 3 balance rocks
  • 35 small rocks
  • A gold buddha
  • 2 mosses
  • A lotus flower
  • 2 beautiful trees
  • A duck
  • A bridge
  • A torii gate
  • A pagoda

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